Couples nowadays want to know what’s “healthy” within their sex lives and how they can increase healthy living. Usually they’re afraid of having too much sex or not enough… This can lead to all sorts – stress, anxiety, depression and especially low self esteem. It can even lead to issues or an end to a successful relationship. Having sex 1-2 times a week, every day of the week and even more than once in a day CAN be beneficial for all couples… People who are having a lot of sex are pretty damn okay with that, many couples who have infrequent sex normally find it an issue. But a good sex life is very beneficial!

Less stress

Life is stressful and anxiety creeps its way into our lives which can be harmful to healthy living. However, research has shown that having sex very often leads to cell growth in the hippo-campus, the part of the brain that keeps stress levels under control… Crazy right? So if you’re freaking out about something, just slip between the bed sheets with your partner! More research has shown that people who only had penetrative sex had the smallest rise in blood pressure – this shows that they coped better with stress. However, many people find that intimacy or orgasm without penetration helps them feel relaxed… Still very beneficial!

Better sleep

This sounds even more crazy… Having frequent sex can make you sleep so much better! Women find they sleep a hell of a lot better after having sex with their partner. Sex boosts the production of Oxycontin and decreases the production of cortisol (which decreases stress). These hormonal changes leave your body in a relaxed state, making it easier for you to fall asleep after having intercourse with your partner, therefore adding to healthy living. Highly active sex can make you feel more energised than sleepy… Sex should NEVER be snoozey! So if you want to pass out as soon as the business is done, I’d keep it calm!

More confidence 

We all know the first time having sex with your partner can be very awkward and each of you are quite shy…But as you go further into the relationship, you both become so much more confident around each other…especially in the bedroom! It’s been proven that many women get their sexual self-assurance from their partners and they are the main sources in their confidence. It feels amazing when your partner gives you that little bit of reassurance, knocks your self esteem up high… You feel so good about yourself and so does your partner. Being confident around your loved one (also in the bedroom) is just the best feeling…You don’t need to be someone you’re not.

If you are not getting that much action… Think about these things when you do, and in the long run, it will benefit you!