The struggles of being a student – and how to beat them!

Student life comes with an array of struggles and effort taxing situations that you didn’t experience in your pre-uni life, so that is why I have craftily come up with a definition of problems that students face, as well as how to solve the situations…

Problem: Pushing the rubbish in the bin down as far as it can go in the hope that you won’t be the one to have to change the bin bag.
SolutionSet up a bin rota.

Problem: The never ending smell of gone off food.
Solution: Freeze things.

Problem: Having to run down three blocks of stairs to let you friends in.
Solution: Throw the fob out of the window.

Problem: Falling asleep in lectures.
Solution: Record the lecture on your phone.

Problem: Eating rubbish, then feeling rubbish.
Solution: Plan your meals – take chicken out freezer the day before/stay away from ready meals and too much sugar.

Problem: Constant hangovers.
Solution: Up the water in take, hydration reduces hangover and stops you feeling tired, and also means you can concentrate more and get through the lecture AWAKE.

Problem: Dirty plates and washing up..
Solution: Create a rota for washing up and make sure everyone sticks to it! Anyone who doesn’t stick to the rota must be punished are face a small fine!