Balancing Life and Work

As you grow up and descend into the world of adulthood, you start to realise that there really isn’t enough hours in the day. Suddenly, you feel terrible for just taking a 10 minute break to sit down and have a cuppa. Life is busy and so is work – but there are ways to manage the time you have.

Don’t be a perfectionist
It can be difficult growing up and realising how many responsibilities you have and wondering how on earth you are meant to manage them all. Being a perfectionist will become considerably harder as you grow older and your tasks will seem like bigger chores than they really are. The key is to let go and accept that not everything in your life has to be perfect. If you can do that, life will be easier.

Exercise is one the best stress busters out there yet it’s one of the things we let go off first when our lives become busy. Regular exercise releases endorphins; essentially a mood booster that reduces stress and promotes brain function and productivity. Think how much less daunting all your responsibilities would seem if you weren’t stressed in the first place?

Rise and shine
It might be hard to give up a lay in, but getting up earlier gives you more hours in the day to get important jobs done. Waking up late might mean working late into the day, but getting those jobs done early could mean more relaxation time in the evenings – time to do what you want to do.

Switch off the world
And by that, I mean switch off from social media and any distractions you might have. It can be easy to pick up your phone and have a look through Facebook while you’re mid way through an essay. Hide your phone away and finish your work before taking a tour through your Twitter feed.

Figure out what tasks and responsibilities require your attention most. Eliminate the things that stress you out most until you are left with the smaller things. That way, if you’re unable to get everything done in one day, only the less important things are left standing – things that could potentially become tomorrow’s tasks.