Things Only Cat People Understand

Besides dogs, cats are one of the most common domestic pets. Granted, not everyone is a cat person, whereas others are just “crazy cat people”. Every cat owner knows that cats have a strange way of functioning and existing alongside us in our homes. If you are a cat person, you will understand the next few points I am about to raise…

Sun Spots
Anywhere in the house where a stream of sunlight filters through your window, you can guarantee your cat will be stretched out in that exact area. Cats love sunbathing.

If you own a cat with multiple other types of pets such as a dog, you’ll know cats are a lot more patient than others might think. Dogs want to play. Cats really don’t.

Personal Space
You won’t have it. It’s non-existent. Especially if you have a desk – for unknown reasons, cats love to bug you most when you are trying to work…

Keyboard Invader
Forget using your laptop – your cat has already claimed it for the evening by sitting on the keyboard. And don’t you dare try and reason with him…

Well, technically not nocturnal if they just sleep 90% of the time, but around 2am your cat(s) go on a rampage and decide it’s time to break every vase and picture frame in site. Don’t worry, they’re usually asleep again within the hour.

Mobility Issues
A cat is either pure grace and elegance – or it’s a complete moron who can’t control even basic mobility functions. There is no inbetween.

Toys Suck
Cats are just not impressed with toys, they are however, impressed by your furniture and paper bags.

Don’t Buy a Bed
You can get a cat bed, the best money can buy, and your cat will prefer the cardboard box it was delivered in.

Lasers are Life
You know you can keep your cat(s) entertained for hours with just a laser pen. Because to a cat, lasers are the most exciting thing in the world.