Things British Mums Do

We love our mums to the moon and back and wonder what on earth we would do without them. But you can guarantee that your mum has said or done at least one of the things listed below…

  •  If you show them something on your phone, they will take it with both hands at look at it intensely close to the screen. And if it’s an Instagram photo, they’ll try and zoom in.
  • They’ll ask you what someone you went to primary school with is doing with their life now even though you haven’t seem them in 7 years.
  • When you were younger they would call you for dinner. You’d come downstairs and see that they don’t even have the plates out ready and it’s at least another 15 minutes. Liar.
  • They probably have a draw or cupboard just to accommodate their hoarding issues for plastic carrier bags from Tesco and Morrisons.
  •  They can spend hours flicking through a Next catalogue, ordering an excessive amount of clothing, and then sending them all back when she decides they’re too expensive… Even though she knew that in the first place.
  • They claim they are the only one in the house that cleans – it’s not until you move out that you realise they were right…
  • They have superpowers and are able to find anything you have claimed to have lost. Can’t find your phone? Ask mum, she’ll know where it is.
  • If you start running a bath, she’ll remind you constantly that it’s running. She doesn’t want her bathroom flooded.
  • Asking what’s for tea is a risky move. She’ll seem offended that you’ve asked her – she doesn’t like you assuming that she’s cooking… even though she will;. Just like she always has done.