The Best Essay Writing Playlist

We’ve all been on that 2am journey producing page after page of Red Bull induced bullsh*t vaguely explaining the concept of love in any given Shakespeare play. Probably on more than one occasion. With many people, essays are typically something you avoid until absolutely necessary.  Absolutely necessary being a couple of hours before it’s due date…  Unfortunately, we can’t write the essay for you, but we do have a pretty kick-ass playlist to help motivate you through it.  Check it out on YouTube!

1.) Stronger – Kanye West

2.) Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers 

3.) Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

4.) Heroes – David Bowie

5.) Ain’t Giving Up – Craig David

6.) Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

7.) Basket Case – Green Day

8.) Hot in Here – Nelly

9.) Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani 

10.) The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

11.) 99 Problems – Jay ZR

12.) Ignition – R.Kelly

13.) Milkshake – Kelis 

14.) Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard 

15.) Feel good Inc – Gorillaz 

16.) Mr. Brightside – The Killers

17.) Super Massive Black Hole – Muse

18.) We Will Rock You – Queen 

19.) Sucker For Pain – Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Lil Wayne 

20.) Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson