Could you be Social Media Free?

With every generation glued to social media, is it time to cut it out all together? Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter seem to be collectively dominating people’s lives. Careers are now being formed to directly link brands to customer’s and vice versa. Companies now have the opportunity to directly influence watchers views.

Can you go Cold turkey?

We are now being influenced by celebrities to cut out social media for at least one day a week. Is this really a doable thing in 2017? Honestly? Searching social media has now become a habit for most. When boredom arises many go and browse Facebook or Instagram to pass the time. Cutting out social media would initially be hard for many day to day users. Yet over time become a staple within any audience’s week. Initially starting when you have a deadline, busy day, or you are just out of the house will always help. Keeping busy is a great way to keep you off your phone and in the moment. Initially aiming for a 2-3 social media-less hours a week is a great introduction and show a true indication of the process.

Just a trend

Like many a lifestyle trends, it could pass without a thought. Some people will not give this trend another thought and continue to scroll through Instagram with much vigor. Others will stick to this for years, or at least until a highly influential figure throws shade.


Obviously, putting your phone away will allow you to complete the entirety of your to do list throughout your day without distraction. Leaving your phone at home when going to the library, work, or even the gym will allow you to focus on any task. When close to completing a goal or deadline, cutting out Facebook and Twitter will stop any procrastination leaving you to complete your work, go home, and relax! Until the next deadline.

Will it continue?

Arguably, this fad will not stick due to celebrities, brands, and even charities directly targeting people through giveaways – interactive sessions or even constant content. If people do ‘cut out’ social media all together, they leave themselves open to gaining little to no information on the current online activities of their go to profiles. Meaning in time they will revert to a constant use of social media to keep up to date with influences.

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has become a popular procrastination tool. Having a constant source of procrastination is now a habit which most will struggle to break. Yet, the very few will grow to love this process, making it an integral part of their week. Cutting out social media for one day a week is and epic idea. Living in the moment and not at the end of a camera sounds incredible- even if only for the very few.