Every year, new technology is released and we all look for the latest gadgets to make our lives that little bit easier. Whether you’re a tech guru or you just fancy looking for something to keep your home modern, there are so many tech trends to choose from this year. With options to streamline the way your home works, or even making it that little bit more efficient, BuyaBattery offer their opinion on some of the best choices for home technology in 2017.

Smart speakers

You’ve no doubt seen the adverts of someone talking, seemingly to themselves, in their home; only for a voice to talk back from a speaker. The explosion of smart speakers is well underway, with a number of options out there. If you want an organised household in 2017, you might want to think about investing.

The likes of the Amazon Echo, or the upcoming Google Home, allows you to access weather and news, play music or even create to-do lists. An exciting gadget for any home, watch your kids be amazed when they ask it a question or try to find out the weather forecast. Similarly, for adults it can be a great way to organise yourself and be able to multitask without forgetting anything.


If there’s one thing that is constantly changing and improving, it’s the quality of our televisions. Becoming more high tech and more impressive than the last lot, our TVs bring an ever-increasing quality of both picture and sound.

4K is the next big thing for televisions, and an important new standard. Also known as Ultra HD, the new technology provides enhanced definition and clarity on your screen.

4K describes the resolution first introduced in digital cinemas. Providing a very impressive experience every time you watch TV, watching your favourite film will never be the same.

Smart homes

In the age where everything is going ‘smart’, the concept of a smart home has been around for some time. However, 2017 could be the year when it becomes a popular solution and is a more readily adopted technology.

Smart homes allow you to connect your home’s functions via a device, so you can control your home from a remote device even if you’re not there. This home automated system lets you adjust your heating or even control other functions including blinds or other electricals. Helping your home to operate more efficiently and more comfortably, making it a ‘smart’ space is still a very popular tech trend as we head into the new year.

Multi-room audio systems

This has also been something that was introduced years ago, but thanks to a number of new brands and products hitting the market, you might be enticed to incorporate it into your own home this year. A multi-room audio system can give you the ability to stream music wirelessly throughout your home; whether you’re looking for background music as you go about your daily tasks, or you’re playing host for the evening.

Blending seamlessly into your home, audio systems such as these can run off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even AirPlay.

So, if you’re looking to update your home with the latest technology, look no further!