Never Buy Ink Cartridges Again?!

Gone are the days having to spend an absolute fortune on Ink Cartridges, only to replace them a couple of months later!

Printers have recently gained applications, touchscreens, and a lot of other features that range from useless to extremely useful! We all have a printer story. They either run out of ink at the worst possible time, or worse, tell us about running low on ink when there’s plenty left, being unable to print a black and white document because the magenta ink has run out. So how do we solve these cartridge problems? Well that’s simple buy – a cartridgeless printer!

Throughout my student years the printer that I had was the bane of my life. It was constantly draining my bank balance and endlessly breaking. Currently at home I have the HP Office Jet Pro 6830 e-All-in-One and this is a great printer. Although, yes, it does have cartridges it meets my needs in the home environment. However, at my office I have just installed the ECOTANK ET-3600, which is cartridgeless and my inspiration for writing this post.

Cost Effective?

The main features which are great about the cartridgeless printers are that the ink replacements are extremely cheap, for instance, from Epson an ink replacement for single black ink is £12.99 and for colours £8.49. In comparison to standard cartridges which can cost £20 EACH! Plus, when I received the EcoTank there was TWO years’ worth of ink included in the box. This cartridgeless technology is would be saving you approximately 74% in printing costs.

Of course, cartridgeless printers will be of a higher price tag, the lowest starting at £199. However, in the long run the amount of money that is saved will be worth spending the extra couple of bob. Plus, there is all the mod cons such as inbuilt Wi-Fi for wireless printing, mobile app, and double sided printing!


After having this EcoTank installed for a couple of weeks, I can genuinely recommend in investing in one. Do you think cartridgeless printers will be the printers of the future???