Everyone has their certain weaknesses don’t they? But for some of us, we’re just addicted to shopping! To us, it’s just so magical. But however, when you find yourself in a bad place, retail shopping is so not worth it! Being addicted to shopping and spending money on clothes is not easy…Here are the everyday struggles of a shopaholic!

1.) You have no money

The second you get any cash; for Christmas, for your birthday or when it comes to pay day at the end of the month…It’s gone! You find yourself online ordering and ordering, shopping straight away in retail shops…You just cannot stop yourself.

2.) Your get a confidence boost when you wear a new item

Even though I’m not a shopaholic, I get a confidence boost when I wear a new item for the first time…I can tell why shopaholics get addicted to that sort of feeling! It makes you feel brand new when your wear a new item they’ve bought. You find yourself strutting around in your new outfits!

3.) You just love shopping

Pretty obvious don’t you think. You don’t love spending money…You just love shopping and buying new items for yourself! Buying presents for anyone is also an addiction to you, you feel great when they say “you’re the best at giving gifts”!

4.) Sales are your weakness

When you want something that’s so expensive, you can actually tell yourself not to purchase it…But if it’s the sale you cannot resist! Or when anything goes on sale, you go absolutely crazy!

5.) You can’t help yourself by fixing fashion disasters 

When you see a fashion disaster…It’s on your mind and you cannot help but fix it! You thrive off fixing outfits to make them look great, friends and families mainly!

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