Why You Should Replace Your Razor

We get it, replacing your razor regularly isn’t cheap. And your hair just seems to grow back thicker and darker after each shave. But do you have any idea of the grim things that happen when you don’t switch up your blade for a new one regularly? We’re not sure you want to know… But here they are anyway.

Grimey Blades
If you’re not replacing your razor regularly and are hanging onto it for more than a month then you might be shocked to know that your blade is covered in bacteria and dead skin cells. And each time you accidentally nick yourself, that bacteria gets into the wound.

Cuts and Mistakes
Talking of nicking yourself, the longer you hold onto your razor, the more likely it is to happen. Especially over your knees. With the quality of your razor decreasing the longer you have it, the more pressure you might apply when shaving… Ouch.

Increased Risk of Infection
When you shave with a dodgy razor, you making tiny microscopic cuts and tears in your skin. Like I said, all the bacteria on your 3 month old blade can get inside those little cuts and increase your risk on infection. Gross.

Poor Shaving Results
Not only is your razor grubby and full of bacteria, it’s blunt and requires more time and effort to achieve a decent results. You’ll go over areas multiple times for a close shave which can also irritate the skin and cause those pesky little spots and bumps.