Girl Struggles: Getting Ready For a Night Out

Getting ready for a night out is like a military operation; everything has to be perfect to insure you have an amazing night out and nothing, absolutely nothing, can go wrong in the preparation.

Firstly, do your tan the night before – we’ve all learnt the hard way. Believe me, you don’t want to leave it till the last minute because no girl wants a streaky tan.

The outfit – you obviously need an outfit that you look good in to give you the confidence you need to dance the night away. This isn’t always as simple as it seems. We’ve all had nights ruined by not knowing what to wear, so plan in advance, this way you might be able to squeeze in a nap before the big night out. Also find an outfit that is suitable to where you are going; you don’t want to turn up in a elegant gown and heels to a laid-back house party!

Makeup really is dependent on the night, and fingers crossed it goes well! Who cares if your winged liner isn’t exactly matching, I know you will – but no one else will even notice, trust me! But if you do want it to be on fleek then make sure you allow your self a lot of time so you can always start over if it doesn’t go to plan.

Hair there are so many options, curly, straight, up, down, half up half down? There are so many options, to hard to choose, boy are so lucky they don’t have this to deal with. Once you have decided on a hair style you will change your mind again but just got with it will turn out good in the end with a bit of hair spray and tons of grips to secure every last stand of hair in place.

Picking the right drink is critical, we all have that one drink we can’t even stand the smell of from that time that we aren’t allowed to talk about. So pick wisely.

Suitable/ comfy shoes are a must! No one wants to be staggering home in heels with blisters brewing on your heels. Top tip from me is to wear your new shoes around the house the week beforehand to make sure they are comfy for the night out.

Finally, a last minute check: money, card, ID, phone, lipstick and you are ready to go.