If you’re like me, I HAVE to have my nails done…I literally cannot live without them! My natural nails suck so I decided to go down the path of getting a set of acrylics about two years ago…And now, I am literally obsessed. I haven’t had any regrets since! When I got my first set, I knew pretty much nothing about how much maintenance they actually need…Here are some of the top tips you girls need to know before committing to acrylic nails (once you’ve had your first set, you WILL keep going back that’s for sure!)

Find someone who does the perfect job

At the start, I struggled a lot to find the perfect nail technician. I went to two different nail parlours and I didn’t seem to find them great at all. If you’re like me, I’m so fussy with the way my nails look…They have to be perfecto! The parlour I go to now is just perfect…I get on so well with the technicians, they know my style and I feel comfortable there. It might be a struggle to find your prefect nail technician to start with but you will get there; find someone you connect with and knows your style best!

Get regular infills!

Extended nails need so much maintenance. I tend to get my nails infilled every 3 weeks as nails grow of course so they need some upkeep! There is nothing better than having some fresh claws. However…DO NOT make the mistake of leaving your nails without any maintenance for over a month, infections can occur and trust me, it’s nasty.

The price can add up…

Every 2-3 weeks, it’s 17 pounds to have my nails infilled and 25 pounds to have a completely new set! The price can add up and having acrylic nails is not cheap…I did not expect it to be how much it is when I started. It’s expensive! However, I always budget and put money aside to be able to afford my nails always looking professional and cared for…It’s totally worth it!

You will adjust to life with acrylics for sure

When you first get acrylics, everything seems impossible; texting on your phone, rolling a cigarette, picking a penny up off the floor, opening a can of drink…But trust me, you manage find a way to do these things! However, I find it nearly impossible to text without acrylic nails because I’m so used to texting with them on…It’s not right texting without having my nails on…Sounds absolutely crazy right?

You will not regret getting acrylic nail ladies but remember those top tips…