It is that time of the year — days filled with cosy jumpers, hot water bottles and all of the hot chocolates you can possibly stomach. However, winter can be pretty gruelling for our skin. Cold temperatures put our skin through torture and to fight back our faces become, dry, flaky, dull or all of the above. Don’t forget about blemishes either, they never really take a break.

Here are some top tips to keep your winter skin feeling and looking healthy all year round!

If your skin is dull:

  • Colour correctors are our knight in shining armour! Cover your red nose or cheeks with a green concealer or for dull areas use a lilac concealer to look fresh.
  • Add an illuminator or liquid highlight to your moisturiser this is a great trick to keep you looking dewy and awake all day long. With just a few drops of liquid highlighter you can transform that dull skin to dewy and fresh. It creates a perfect base for applying foundation too!

For those with dry skin:

  • Use moisturisers that come in tubs rather than those with pumps. This isn’t a rule for all moisturisers but those that come in a tub tend to be thicker and creamier than those with a pump.
  • Hydrating skincare is key! Your local drugstore will be filled with skincare products to add moisture back into your skin; face masks, makeup wipes and cleansers. Masks are great to use just before bed, the residue sits on the skin overnight.

If your skin is flakey:

  • Make your own exfoliator! Not only is it cost effective but it is great for your skin. Mix salt and lemon juice for those who struggle with breakouts, for antibacterial purposes. For a more moisturising approach honey and lemon works great!

For acne prone/ problem skin:

  • Mix your acne treatment with a moisturiser. Acne treating products can be drying on the skin. Mix a small amount with your moisturiser and together they can create a flawless complexion!

Words by : Emily Havenhand