How to look after your barnet in 2017!

We caught up with talented Barber Tom Whitehouse, an expert in Gentleman’s grooming – he has a few top styling tips for the 2017 gent, he also mentions cheating on your barber, if you dare!


1.) Hi Tom, thanks for chatting to The Student Pocket Guide. How’s business?

Business is great, always a very busy period over Christmas and New Year for a barber, but always good to see lots of faces ready to take on the New Year.

2.) Would you ever do the forbidden and cheat on your barber?

Cheating on your barber… well, like most barbers we’d politely advise that if you’re happy with your trim that you come back. In terms of convenience sometimes it works out for people to get a cut ‘on the run’ as I like to call it. However, when they come back to you and aren’t happy with the one they got ‘on the run’ be ready for a ‘I told you so’ haha!

3.) What would you say is the most fresh men’s-hairstyle that will evolve during the course of 2017?

In terms of a growing style developing in 2017, I think longer hair will start coming back into fashion, saying that, I still think the current trend of tight clipper work and fading is very much in demand.

4.) I’m a student and I really can’t be bothered to spend too much time on my hair. What style would you advise I go for?

Trying to achieve a low maintenance get up and go kind of look I think you can’t beat a short back and sides. However depending on the individual, a textured messy fringe works well or a slight quiff works nicely if you want to spend a minute chucking it up.

5.) What are the best styling products for men?

Products is a tough one, because it all depends on the kind of look you’re trying to achieve. I’d generally recommend something quite light, low sheen with a reasonable hold. This kind of product caters for most and is perfect for low maintenance haircuts.

6.) “Short back and sides please” – It’s a request you get often I’m sure. How would you go about putting a twist on this classic look?

Very familiar with that phrase, it’s a classic. There’s lots of different things you can do to achieve different looks on a short back and sides, a few popular ones at the moment are the crop, very short & textured fringe, the classic Parton which can be worn very slick & crisp looking and finally trusty quiff. All these styles can be made to look more sharper/edgy by the way you blend the hair.


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