1.) Eating off anything…And I mean, anything

You can get real resourceful when the washing-up goes beyond human capability; a saucepan lid as a plate? Sounds excellent.

2.) NAPS……zzzzzzzzzz

All them late nights lead to daytime naps. After all, you’ve got to prep for the following evening’s escapades, haven’t you?

3.) Breakfast for dinner

Coco Pops work a treat for dins. They might not be nutritionally balanced, but they save you battling your housemates for oven space.

4.) Food labelling

Living with other people + student budget = every crumb of food is sacred. EVERYTHING gets labelled so there can be no confusion, or worse… theft.

5.) Procrastinating

Yes, everyone does it, but I bet that any student can beat everyone hands down in the procrastination stakes. Got an essay due? New boxset it is!

6.) Fancy dress

You’re supposed to be learning how to be an adult, yet what you are really doing is strutting around in your secondary school uniform on a night out.

7.) Your bed becoming a-free-for all sofa

If you have a television in your room then your bed will become a put-up for the whole flat.

8.) Passive aggressive note writing

The less washing up that gets done, the angrier the message. The more milk stolen, the moodier the note. You get the idea…

9.) Student discounts

The only time in your life when you get money off just for being the perfect age.

10.) £1.50 for a pint

I promise you, drinks will never be as cheap as they are at university.Make the most of it.

11.) Being drunk at 10am

Rockin’ up to a lecture still hammered is a common occurrence. If you’re lucky you might catch the odd person throwing up outside the lecture hall.

12.) New stationary…You will never use!

At the start of each year, a trip to a stationary shop to get in all the folders, pens and paper is a must. Shame none of it gets used.

13.) Pulling an all-nighter to finish course work

As the years go on, this nocturnal writing becomes more common. So does coffee drinking and middle-of-the-night meals to see you through until the next day.

14.) Any excuse to get drunk

It’s not only about Christmas and birthdays, oh no, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, coursework deadlines, even just a Monday night turns into a big event.

15.) Wearing as many layers as possible

Central heating is expensive, and when you’re limited to the radiators being on for two hours a day, covering yourself in layers is the only way to survive winter.

Words by : Siobhan Maguire