You are a third year student going into your last term at university. Let that just sink in… your last term… EVER! Nearly three years of your life have flashed by before you even knew it. You have made friends for life, either fell in love or out of love and survived living without your parents (we all deserve a pat on the back for that). You have learnt things about yourself that you never thought you could, learnt new things in your chosen subject and had the best three years of your life.

As you are coming towards the end on your degree you might be starting to think about what your life has in store for when you are finally done with education. YAY.  This might be were you start to panic that you still have no idea what you actually want to do, and that’s okay, honestly! Even if all your family over Christmas disagree. The world is your oyster.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the rest of your life mapped out, there are a lot of opportunities just waiting for you.

So many people take different paths after university, whether its going back home to live with your parents, travelling, or going straight into a real life job. What ever you pick, do what makes you happy and what you want to do not what other people are telling you to do.

Now its time to get your head down and crack on with your dissertation and other deadlines to get the best grade you possibly can. You can do it.  But also remember from now until graduation enjoy your last few months of living with your best friends and making more memories.