Here are the top 10 ways to help all of you students save some money in 2017!…

1.) Forget purchasing new textbooks – Second hand is the way to go, or ‘vintage’ as I’ve told my mates. It’s only a Google search away, I found most of mine on Amazon. Remember libraries?  They’ll  more than likely have the newest editions on their dusty shelves too.


2.) Become that mad voucher person – (but not as mad as the American woman that files them in a folder!) Always say yes to loyalty cards, collect those petrol coupons, sign up for a nector card too, it all adds up.


3.) Treat yourself – Yes that’s right, give yourself a set amount of ‘me money’ each month to spend on those new trainers and heavy nights out. You can carry over money you didn’t spend to the month after too!


4.) Invest in an NUS Extra card – Student saving standard. It allows you to get tonnes of deals and offers. It costs £12 for a whole year, just do it.


5.) Make your parents do the work – For the brave hearted only! Transfer your loan straight into your parent’s bank acount. It sounds insane but it makes you look ‘responsible’ #ParentPoints. Ask them to give you a fixed amount from it each month. You’ll learn to budget in a couple of months.


6.) Double up on your dinner – Before that massive night out, cook up extra grub. If you’re sober enough to remember your superb organisation, you won’t be tempted to buy the greasy kebab on route home.


7.) Drag your flat mates food shopping with you – This way you can take advantage of the big multibuys. Don’t be a piggy and spend too much on custard creams.


8.) For a Fiver – This is an easy win when your student loan is running dangerously low.. Ask your house mates if they want their room hoovering, car cleaning, essay proof-read. It will work!


9.) Sell your stuff – When leaving home for uni you’ve left a lot of old stuff you odn’t use anymore at home. On your holidays, raid your old bedroom and see what you can put on Ebay from under your bed.


10.) Sell your photos – If you’re one of these quirky hipsters that post sunset and starbucks pictures on Instagram, why not try and sell them as stock photos? Media companies and marketing departments have a constant demand for stock photography. Catching! Try these websites: Fotolia, Phototrade, BigStockPhoto, Crestock, iStockPhoto.


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