Make sure you tick off these 7 things before you venture out into the cold this Winter


Keep adding fuel to the fire – It’s essential you eat to have the energy to keep yourself warm. Eat smart too, get a big jacket potato with beans smothered on top in your belly. This is ideal because of the fibers in potato and lentils that the body will work harder to digest, therefore will help to increase body heat.


Listen to your shiver – Simple. If you’re shivering, you’ve reached your cold threshold. Seriously, forget ‘maning-up’ and get a jumper on. You’ll end up making others feel chilly just by looking at you!


Deal with it – In contrast to the above, to a certain degree (pardon the pun) as long as it’s not an extremely cold temperature, your body will fight for it’s self by trying to adjust to the temperature. In the UK, you’re more than likely not going to be on the side of a mountain in the snow. Think yourself lucky!


Layer up – Yep, your parents are right. It’s better to have more layers than not enough. You can always strip off. We’re not just talking about wearing an extra pair of socks. Vest, a t-shirt under a shirt, jumper, even double up on your pants!


Be prepared – Make time once a week to look at the weather report on your smartphone. Discover when the day will be for you to whip out your massive coat (that makes you look like a sumo wrestler). Always have an old hat scarf and gloves stuffed at the bottom of your bag for that surprise British blizzard.


Understand the risks – Did you know that drugs taken to treat high blood pressure will make you more susceptible to feeling the cold? Also, be aware that children under age 2 have not developed the ability to shiver to raise their body temperatures, so make sure they’re nice a cosy in their buggy. Wrap your Granny up! People over age 60 are less able to generate heat though shivering.


Don’t touch the booze – Mmm… a brandy hot toddy or a shot of schnapps sounds perfect, right? Just the thing to keep you warm on a bitter day. Wrong! Yes, a warm beverage will raise your temperature and help you withstand a chill, but don’t spike it. Stick the the trusty old hot chocolate. Alcohol is the worst thing that somebody could consume if they are already cold, as it’s been proven to drop your core temperature.


Now you’ve read your checklist, you’re ready to step outside. Good luck!