5 Ways to Beat Jealousy

Jealousy in a relationship isn’t uncommon and in small amounts if deemed as healthy. However, overbearing levels of jealousy can drag you down and tear relationships apart. Curbing feelings of jealously isn’t easy but it’s important to do so in order to move forward in a relationship… Here’s how to beat jealousy.

Identify What Makes You Jealous
Perhaps your partner has a close friend of the opposite sex or they have ex-partner they still speak to. It’s important to identify exactly what it is that makes you jealous so that you can then work out why it makes you jealous. If you understand your feelings it makes them easier to deal with.

Build Self-Confidence
Jealousy in relationships stems from your own insecurities and low self-worth. You may have fears of being abandoned or rejection. The best advice we can give you in this case it to fake it til you make it! Act confidently and make decision as a confident person – you’ll start to notice that your confidence really is increasing. Be confident in your partner and understand that person loves and respects, and if they don’t, then you should reconsider your relationship.

React Differently
Don’t react negatively towards feelings of jealousy – making accusations and being bitter towards that person isn’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, react positively and do the opposite; if you see your partner talking with someone of the same sex – join in the conversation and be upbeat!

Ignore Paranoia
Paranoia plays a bit part of jealousy as it makes you assume the worst and react to a completely made up scenario in your head that may never happen at all. This is what triggers the jealousy and if you can overcome paranoia you can overcome jealousy.

Learn to Trust
The reason you become jealous might be the result of your trust being broken in the past. However, leaving the past and focusing on the present is what really matters. Has your partner ever given you a reason to not trust them? If this person has never let you down or disappointed you then maybe you need to start assuming the bes tof that person and not the worst. 

Written by Clo Gascoigne