You may be on a diet, but you’re still going to want to have a drink aren’t you? Alcohol can either give you a beer belly or in some cases benefit you, like Prosecco and some wines can! Moderate drinking is shown to reduce weight gain, whereas heavy drinking is shown to increase weight gain…So what can you drink if you’re on a diet and wanting to lose weight and what do you need to avoid? We all love a good drink with our friends…

The Best


With red or white, you can expect to consume 100 to 120 calories per glass. Anyhow, that’s on average if you don’t over pour your glass (which people tend to do)! White wine contains fewer carbohydrates which contains fewer less calories than red wine does. However, red wine’s ellargic acids slow down the growth of fat cells! It also delays the growth of new ones! So having a glass of wine whilst you’re trying to loose weight isn’t so bad!

Straight Spirits 

Shots and straight booze are definitely the way to go! They all contain the same amount of calories and carbohydrates. However, the sweeter spirits contain a few more calories…Try to avoid the flavoured vodkas and spiced rum if you’re looking for a low calorie drink!

Light Beer 

Many of the light beers contain around 90 to 100 calories and are perfect for weight loss! Extra light beers contain around 55 to 60 calories…Perfecto! Bud Light and Budweiser Select are the ones you should be drinking if you’re a beer lover and want to lose weight!

The Worst


Sugar packed cocktails are just a no no! It’s never good if you drink these sort of cocktails if you’re aim is to lose weight…When you drink a cocktail, your body is so overwhelmed with the alcohol content that it doesn’t properly metabolise the sugar…It stores it as fat! Not good hey?

Craft Beer 

Craft beers contain a lot of alcohol…A lot more than you think! One bottle can add up to the amount of calories one whole meal contains…Just one bottle! That’s crazy! Every gram of craft beer contains 7 calories….No no no!

Drink the best booze and avoid the worst…