Everyone makes mistakes when they first hit the gym. Here’s some tips on how to avoid them!


Going to the gym for the first time can often be an intimidating experience, but this is simply down to it being an all new experience for you! To save time and not have your efforts wasted, here are some practical methods and mental approaches to ensure you avoid these mistakes and hit the ground running on your first visit!

*You’ll be a fully fledged ‘gym-bunny’ in no time!*


Not Focusing On Yourself

Feeling intimidated or self-conscious are big reasons why people avoid going to the gym. Everyone in there is there to work on themselves and to improve their life, this should be a positive environment where everyone encourages each other! If you do come across any unwelcoming individuals, just realise that they will be more focused on their ego than anything that you are doing! Focus on yourself.


Not Having A Plan

You don’t want to be that person aimlessly wandering around browsing the equipment with no clear idea randomly selecting whatever equipment happens to be free! Make sure you have a structure and you know what your session is going to be prior to entering the gym. If you need support with this, then you can research workout plans and exercises online, or alternately you can hire a personal trainer. Have a plan.

 “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Not Tracking Progress

You need to make a note or at least have a rough idea of the numbers you lift. If you walk into the gym for the second time and have no idea what you lifted last time, you will find it difficult to make progress as you need to focus on progression to get stronger and build muscle. Not only is it essential to track your progress, but it will also help you identify any problems you might have. Track your progress.


Not Putting In 100%

You get out what you put in. If you push your body and work hard, your results will reflect that. Half-hearted attempts to get in shape won’t force your body to adapt and cause changes to produce the results you are after! Focus on progression and working up a sweat and you’ll be well on your way! Put in 100%.


Article by Sam Capps

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