Here’s 5 fitness tips for your brain to ensure you stick at your mission to look great this summer!


We’re not even three weeks into 2017 and there will be a huge number of people who have already lost their fitness motivation to make a positive change to their bodies this year.


  • Believe – Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. Your mind will believe whatever you tell it repeatedly, so make sure your self-talk is encouraging and always positive!


  • Visualise – Looking at present results will only bring uninspiring feelings. Visualise yourself having the body you desire and how it will make you feel. Maintaining this image in your mind will motivate you to take action and get off the couch.


  • Goals – Write out in detail what you really want, followed by a deadline to achieve it. Whether that’s to lose 10lbs or build a bigger chest. This way, you have a target to work towards, and you will enjoy the process of making progress on the way to your goal!

“The Journey, not the destination matters” – T.S Eliot

  • Accountability – Grab a friend and hit the gym together. Being held accountable by another person will ensure you stay committed so you can’t go back on your word. You don’t want to be the first to let the other person down…


  • Have fun – Find an activity or sport that you will enjoy doing so you’re more likely to be consistent and achieve your goal. It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be made harder. Set yourself up to win and just get that body moving!


Article by Sam Capps

You can follow Sam on Twitter: @SamCapps94