Need persuading? Here are 5 reasons to why you should invest in a gym membership this year:


Getting fit is a New Years Resolution that’s typically on everyone’s list. Although the prospect of exercise is daunting, there’s no need to make excuses!


Stress Relief

Exercise is an excellent form of stress relief, this is because physical activity increases the production of your endorphins. Endorphins evoke a positive feeling in the body, giving you a natural high which helps to ward off anxiety and boost self-esteem. Exercise will also enable you to subconsciously forget any tensions you may be under, or any irritations you may be feeling. This is the result of focusing on the physical activity that you’re executing.

Becomes a Routine

Whether you’re tired from a day of lectures, or waking up with a hangover, going to the gym will be last thing on your mind. However, motivating yourself to workout will be the best thing you could do. Although its challenging to begin with, once you’ve been to the gym a few times it will become less of a chore. Instead, working out will become something that’s built into your every day routine.

Take a friend

If you feel nervous about joining the gym alone, or just want someone to have a laugh with whilst you work out, grab a friend and join the gym together! Working out with a friend will allow you to encourage and motivate one another, enabling you to reach your goals together.

Affordable Prices

Fortunately, the majority of gyms will offer a discounted price for student membership – so you won’t be forced to fork out the big bucks!

Achieve your goals

Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, tone up or just looking to keep fit: your goals are achievable. The majority of gyms will offer a programme service, entailing an instructor listening to your goals and creating a gym programme specifically for your needs – working out couldn’t be any easier! If you put in the effort, you will most certainly get results.


That’s it – You have no more excuses, forget about watching the same average TV show after your dinner tonight and do something productive. Get yourself to the gym! 

*Bonus points for anyone that bikes there too*

Article by Amy Parrack

You can follow Amy on Twitter: @amyparrxck