Top 10 Products for Students!

USB Bed Risers, £24.26

Storage space can be tricky for a lot of students, so we think that these bed risers will definitely help you to maximise your under bed space. These will lift your bed 7” giving you a much larger area to shove everything under, or you could get yourself some neat storage boxes and get organised from the get-go. One of the feet even has a 110 volt 15-amp power outlet and twin USB sockets!

Breakfast to go container £4.10

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so when you’re running late for a lecture, with no time to make your early morning snack, fear not! Take your breakfast to uni or on your travels with the cereal-to-go container. Simply fill the compartments with your favourite cereal and milk, and use the spoon attached to the side to eat when you’re ready.

Amazon Fire Tablet RRP: £49.99

This tablet is extremely good for the tiny price tag! It has a micro SD card slot so that you can expand the storage, is the perfect size to fit in a bag, and is pretty much weightless.

Case Logic’s Large LoDo Backpack RRP: £74.99

Perfect for students, those attending festivals and small trips away, this rucksack by Case Logic is really spacious and comfortable, with a really soft back padding. Not only is it extremely comfortable to carry, but it also
looks great with 3 different colours to choose from.

Pizza Holder £5.99

Who doesn’t like pizza? Now you can wear your pizza around your neck with pride. Avoid the burger van queue at the end of a night by taking your own pizza out! Hmmm, maybe not, but it’s still a funny product for
pizza lovers and a great gift idea for a friend with the price tag of just over a fiver!

Portable Phone Charger £13.99

If you haven’t already invested in a portable phone charger, then you probably should. You know what phone batteries are like! Whether it’s at a festival, at uni, Pokémon hunting, wherever you are, these things are
super handy and powerful, providing up to 3 full charges.

Star Wars R2D2 Desk Vacuum £11.99

R2D2 is here to help keep your desk tidy! As well as looking great, he’s a functional desktop vacuum cleaner, on hand to tidy up your snack crumbs! If you don’t like Star Wars, that’s no excuse, because these handy desktop vacuums come in loads of different designs!

Slow Cooker £25.00

This Russell Hobbs 3.5ltr capacity slow cooker is an inexpensive, economical way of cooking, perfect if you have important deadlines and no time to make a healthy meal. Simply prepare what you want to cook in the morning and by the time you get back BAM, dinners done! Get creative and search online for nice healthy, easy prep meals! Oh, and it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

Bluetooth Hat £24.95

Winter is not far around the corner, so make sure you’re ready to fight those cold mornings with this cool unisex Bluetooth hat, providing style, warmth and the ability to listen to tunes wirelessly. Play your favourite songs, audio books, and podcasts through the built-in control panel and even take and receive hands free phone calls!

Slumber-down’s Big Hugs Bedding £6.00-£17.00

Chances are you’ve got the same old duvet since you had cartoon characters on your pillow cases?! You could see this as an opportunity to upgrade your bedding and if so, then Tesco have got your back because they’re stocking the Big Hugs range which is perfect bedding for students, with their very reasonable prices.

  • Pillows (2-pack): £8.00
  • Single duvet: £13.00
  • Double duvet: £17.00
  •  Single mattress protector: £9.00
  • Double mattress protector: £11.00
  • Pillow protectors (2-pack): £6.00