The New Year is the time when we spend too much time worrying about our diets and not enough thinking about all the fun we can get up to in the year ahead.

Instead of watching the calories, why not start planning the holidays or festivals to make sure you have a great 2017.

Each year around 14 million people attend festivals across the UK. This means a whole lot of music, a whole lot of selfies and thousands of hours spent working out what to take with you.

But whether you are heading to a rock concert, flower show or weekend festival, here are the festival essentials you need to have a great time this year.

Somewhere to Stay

The most important part of any festival is the music but when the partying is over and the music has finished it is important to have somewhere to retreat back to. You don’t want to be sleeping in the mud and then getting cold.

A must have for any festival is a tent, or at least a bed to rest your head on when you have partied to hard.

For those that are willing to spend a little extra you can even splash out on accommodation or hotels near the event. This means not only can you wake up in a great bed but you can have a wash like most of the other festival goers won’t be able to.

Portable Toilets

It might be a stinky subject but if you are attending a festival or even organising your own then you need to make sure that you have all the right facilities on hand.

Portable Toilets are a must because without them you have a number of problems to deal with, namely number 1’s and number 2’s.

Contacting a hire solutions company like SRP Hire Solutions is easy and means that the event has everything it needs to become a success. If you are attending an event and camping nearby then why not hire your own portable toilet to make life a little easier.

Some Great Companions

What really does make festivals a great place to be is the people that are there with you. This doesn’t mean you have to go with a huge group of friends, you could end up meeting people there. But with great companions, friends and family comes great fun and amazing memories.

Start looking into any dates you have free and see which events you can attend or which places you would like to visit, and then start rallying the troops, packing up the belongings and be on your way.

Selfie, Selfie, Selfie Stick!

We might all look at others using selfie sticks and think “Please Stop!” but when you’re at a festival and your favourite band is on, the easiest way to capture your happy face is with a selfie stick.

These little gadgets are perfect for taking great photos, videos and helping you capture your favourite moments of the festival.

The only thing left to do is start planning, get your event ready or get ready for your festival. Forget about 2016 and have the best year!