After reading this list, you will want to travel this summer!


  • New foods to taste, noises to hear and smells to sniff! – Broaden your horizons and prepare to break out of your bedroom-box you’ve ‘studied’ in all year long. As your parents would say: “get out of the house for some fresh air!”.
  • Perspective – Here’s the deep one. Sometimes in life you really just can’t appreciate¬†how lucky you are until you travel. Trust me, you’ll enjoy your everyday home comforts we¬†have here in the UK a lot more when you’re home. Consider scrapping the girls beach holiday in Zante for a volunteering experience in Africa, you will definitely get more out of it.
  • See the real-life instagram! – Yes that’s right, those filtered sunset beach-shots and epic mountain range landscapes actually exist in the real world. Treat your eyes to something they won’t forget.
  • Adventure and freedom – You are pretty much guaranteed to experience this when you travel to a place you know very little about. Through your many drunken taxi trips home, you know your way around the surrounding area of your Uni off by heart. You’ll get lost abroad and it will make you feel truly alive, as well as very scared…
  • Meet amazing people – Get out of the way of that grumpy old Granny down the road. When you travel you’ll meet people from all walks of life. Most people are more than happy to meet you and have a chat. *Unless you walk around sun-burnt, topless, with your Speedo’s on. It’s not a pretty sight!*
  • Learn lots – More than you have at school in fact. The beauty of this is that you are flown to an environment where you are subtly forced to process new information. Even if it’s asking how to order a beer in a different language.
  • Presents! – Not just for yourself, but you can get hold of some very wacky and humorous gifts that will make your flat mates laugh. From hand-crafted wooden… *you know what* to completely unusable kitchen crockery. Oh, and see if they notice the fake Ray-Bans you got them for 3 Euros.
  • Happiness Guaranteed – The most important one on the list. Even if you can only afford to camp at your nearest seaside town, you’ll quickly realise what the most important things and who the most important people are in your life.


So get your smart phone out right now, message your best buddy and say “Let’s book a holiday together this summer! x” – The road to booking your epic travelling trip has already begun. You won’t regret it!