Written By : Nish Kumar

Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy fresher’s week because I hated it and the problem is, when you get to university, you are told ‘fresher’s week is the greatest time of your life and everything is downhill from there’. If you don’t enjoy it you can feel a bit out of place but its fine, it’s an exciting and sometimes terrifying period of enforced fun. Not everybody’s cup of tea.

Make sure you do some studying, now I wish I had spent some more time on my degree, you should definitely work hard and get as much out of your degree as possible.

Don’t work too hard, also remember that university is a time for you to experiment and do stuff you might not have done otherwise and explore as many extracurricular activities as you can, I have my job now essentially because of a university club that I joined.I went to Durham and there was a sketch comedy group and they held open auditions every year and you could get in and because of that, I got the opportunity to go to Edinburgh and I met some friends who I am still friends with now and I started comedy with them and now work with them professionally as well as them being some of my closest friends. I really learnt how to write and form comedy through that club.

Try not to live in a complete sh*thole, it’s not about living in luxury but try not to live in a place that is actively falling apart around you.

Try to enjoy yourself!