The beginners guide to sticking to your New Year’s resolution

Are you part of the 77% percent of us who make a New Year’s resolution, only to break it before the end of January? Don’t fear, The Student Pocket Guide are here to help get you through until the end of the month, and beyond!


1.) Tell your best mate – By letting your best mate in on your New Year’s resolution they’ll make sure you stay on track.

*Warning: Don’t pick a bad friend. They might just waft that cheese burger under your nose!*

2.) Make a new group chat – A problem shared is a problem halved. If you have a resolution in common with your friends, call it “Dry January 2017” and converse ideas to stay away from the booze, vent your struggles and enjoy the banter!

3.) Write it down – Everywhere. Literally, everywhere. We’re talking reminders on your phone, notes your fridge door, post-it notes at work… your brain doesn’t like loose ends. The more you see your goal, it will send subliminal messages to your brain that you need to ‘tick it off’ and achieve it.

4.) Self talk – Awareness of the words you use can really help empower your life. Try banning the phrase ‘I can’t’ and telling yourself that you are choosing to do your new years resolution because (insert positive outcome here). Take control of your brain and tell yourself that you can do it! I will, I can…

*Warning: Try not to self-talk in public too loud, it makes you look a little weird…*

5.) Post your New Years resolution on social media – you don’t want to loose face, do you? For example, a picture of your last pint, your last cigarette… include the text “This is my last ____ as part of my New Year’s resolution”  that way, if you’re spotted breaking it, you’re bound to get yourself in trouble with your Facebook friends.


Did you know? The tradition of New Year‘s resolutions dates all the way back to 153 B.C? Roman’s made January a symbolic time to make resolutions and forgive enemies for troubles in the past.