Make 2017 Your Year!

Now that 2016 has come to an end, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the year that you’ve had and how you can make 2017 bigger and better. Even if you’ve had a tough year, I think that it’s healing for the soul to review your experiences and what you have learned to ensure that you take that to better yourself instead of remaining stuck in past ways. I’ll share with you some of the things that I have learned on my physical and mental health journey and how I’m going to make changes and hopefully it inspires you to do the same.

Things that I have learned this year that you can benefit from too:

1. Stop defining yourself as having problems – I got stuck telling myself that I wish I didn’t have certain problems and I let it take over my life. It’s important to know that the more you tell yourself something, the more truth you will make it have. Instead of saying ‘I have problems’ start saying ‘I will not let anything define me and I will do things anyway. Nothing rules me.’

2. Opportunities¬†present themselves to you when you are ready, so take them – No more saying, ‘This might happen if I take this opportunity so I won’t do it”. There are always signs that are around you but if you aren’t willing to make things happen then nothing ever will. You have to make the effort. It’s one thing saying that you want something, but it’s another thing to fight and be brave enough to get the ball rolling. If an opportunity presents itself to you- take it. Trust yourself more.

3. Don’t stay in a negative situation just because you’re afraid of change. Be brave – Sometimes you know that something isn’t right for you but you stay in a situation because it’s ‘easy’ or ‘comfortable.’ Push yourself out of your comfort zone because otherwise you will never grow. Life shouldn’t be mediocre so make the changes to ensure that you have the most enlightening experiences. Yes, the unknown is scary. But if you don’t travel into the unknown sometimes, you will always sit and wonder ‘what if?’

4. Respect and love your mind, body and soul – Look after yourself. Eat well, exercise, and cleanse your mind as much as you possibly can. Remove negative emotions out of your life by learning to love yourself and put yourself first before anybody else. Take care of yourself, because you can do it better than anybody else can.

5. Live in the moment – Appreciate the present moment more. Always make sure it’s as good as you can make it. Love your family and friends with your entire being. Appreciate them. Put down your phone and start living -because life is short.

6. Read and learn as much as you possibly can -You can never have too much knowledge. Study things that aren’t ¬†related to your degree or study harder. Enjoy the beauty of learning and understanding.

7. Forgive others and move On- Not for the other person, but for yourself.

8. Always Spread Love and Light- Even if you don’t feel like it. The world needs as much as it possibly can.
2017 can be your year. Yes, you might have knockbacks along the way but you have to keep pushing. Take your experiences and learn from them to better yourself and your life. You can have whatever life you want to. Always remember that.

By Starr Sawyer