Reasons to Love Winter

For some people, looking for reasons to enjoy winter is like looking for the rainbow during a storm. But Winter has it’s perks that many of us take for granted and fail to appreciate because they’re too busy looking for the first signs of Spring. Let us remind you of the reasons to love Winter…

This is the season that allows you dig out all your favourite woolly jumpers, fluffy hats, and favourite winter jacket! It gives you a reason to layer all your favourite clothes into one perfect outfit.

It’s Cold
Obviously, and it might not appeal to you all! But when it’s cold, we can add layer after layer and blanket after blanket to keep us warm and cozy. When it’s hot and once you get down to your birthday suit, that’s as good as it gets. You can’t take your skin off!

Hot Drinks All Round!
You can’t enjoy your favourite coffee or hot chocolate in the heat of Summer, but they couldn’t be anymore perfect on a cold winter’s morning or evening!

Well, when we’re lucky, we get a decent amount of snow which essentially gives up the chance to be a kid again; sledding, snowmen, snowball fights – they’re just a few of the great activities we all enjoy when the snow makes an appearance.

Winter means Christmas and New Year, which means family, parties, and booze! They’re a great excuse to have some fun and feel the love in the cold winter months.

Carbs Are In!
I don’t know about you, but I see winter as a time for big roast dinners and lots of naughty foods! Gotta keep your winter flab levels a little higher to keep you nice and warm, right?

The Days Between Christmas and New Year
This gap in the holidays is the time period in which your days lose meaning and you lose count of how many days you’ve been in your pyjamas. It’s the time period to consume nothing but leftover holiday sweets and cold meat. You’ve never been more at peace than you are in this wonderful week.

New Year Resolutions
It’s a time that gives us a reason to finally turn over a new leaf! A fresh start and a new year is the perfect way to get you motivated! Time to head for the gym…