Anyone with breasts will know what I mean when I say they have a mind of their own. You’ll wake up one morning and could swear they’ve changed overnight. The bra you wore comfortably yesterday is now suddenly so tight the skin on your shoulders looks like bread baking around twine. And you’ll never remember which one of your titties is meant to be the slightly larger one…

A Day in the Life of Having Boobs
You’ll wake up and roll onto your front – AH! Why are your nipples so sore today? Are you pregnant? Is your period due? Who knows? Not you. Whatever, get out of bed and go to put your bra on. You pick it up and wonder if you should wash it yet because it’s been a week – but you decide it’s fine because it doesn’t smell. You put it on and… Why does it feel so tight and uncomfortable today?  Did you gain weight overnight? You don’t go into the effort of finding matching pants, you’re not expecting to get some action anytime soon, so why dress to impress?
You head downstairs and gasp when you remember how much it hurts running downstairs with boobs – so you hold them as you run. You carry on your day as normal, adjusting and pulling your bra straps up every 2 minutes. It’s lunch time and a large percentage of your sandwich has fallen into your cleavage and is lost forever. Someone bumps into you and it reminds you how tender your nips are today – for unknown reasons. You’ll look down at them a few times a day and hate that they exist. Other times you’ll look down and think, “Damn, look at those!” There’s no inbetween. You get angry and jealous on a daily basis because men have total freedom over their nips whereas you’ll receive dirty looks just for your being slightly visible under your shirt… We’re not bitter, I swear.

It’s time to get ready for that party you’ve been looking forward to all week and you already have that super cute outfit planned in your head. You get dressed and realise the top you’ve chosen to wear can only be worn without a bra… Can you get away with that? How high are the chances of nip slip? Will people see your nipples through the fabric? Will they rub because they’re already sore? Do you even bother going at all?! Queue emotional breakdown. Baggy jumper it is!

The evening went swimmingly with no nip slips or rubbing. You have a few drinks and laugh and actually forget you have tits for a while – wonderful. Return home for a well earned night’s sleep? Wrong! Lay awake for an extra few hours because you’re unable to comfortably lay on your front without the pain of achy breasts. Just an ordinary day in the life of living with boobs. I can assure you tomorrow will be another wild ride.