The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 GIF Reactions

When Jared took away Morgan’s beloved stick that Eastman gave to him before he died….3a0daead-cdbf-445e-af2b-7593b9dcc9fb

When you agreed with Richard on his plans to start a war but realised it would get Carol killed…c3679de7-30f2-4a95-bf33-9f21b7eb5e4b

“If anything happens to her, I will kill you.” a4ee274a-5486-46d1-89ff-19b7744719fe

When we finally start to see Daryl’s badass ways making a comeback…04934da4-fdc1-4efb-b1e9-98be9a42cb13

Seeing your precious Carol being bothered by King Ezekiel and his people… again. f5954998-3ccd-432b-857b-eaa21b6a9bda

And then they leave but there’s another knock at the goddamn door…b704eecb-ead9-4d3b-9a40-6ea2f072551a

But then you realise Daryl could be the one knocking at the door…84d018cf-632a-41e0-8885-76916e45fef8

Daryl and Carol are finally reunited at last with a tender hug…6d937037-fc2f-4c4d-932f-90b92cd5d210

“Is everyone okay?” “Yeah…” 3353e713-bfd2-49cc-8e86-8e22d23d3181

And as Daryl leaves, you were so sure he was about to go back for a kiss… But no. 4ff0a706-33e7-46fb-aa7e-c6d2281d5677

Back at the junkyard, we realised Gabriel has gone just as psycho as the rest of the group…201cde80-3231-43ed-8f67-627a6075f7a9

And then Jadis goes and throws Rick into a pit with a spiked walker…b5f339dd-9b57-47d5-8ac2-8497eb781235

But he survives and a deal is made, The Saviors potentially have a serious fight coming their way…

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