The Walking Dead Season 7B GIF Reactions

When it looked like Gabriel was stealing Alexandria’s supplies and doing a runner…

When Hill Top’s people told Rick and the gang they wanted to fight The Saviors…350674f1-e19b-410f-bcbe-7f4cecf099dc

When Rick and the crew arrived at The Kingdom to meet King Ezekiel…


When we heard Tara say, “Morgan?”

“Oh I forgot to mention-” “Yeah, tiger.”


When Morgan said there must be another way of defeating The Saviors…

When Rick told Daryl to stay in The Kingdom and said,”We’ll come back soon.”

When we see that weird cable and car blockage on the highway…

When everyone started grabbing and cutting at the explosives as a horde of Walkers approached…

When Rick and Michonne take out almost the entire herd with a couple of crappy cars and a steel line.

When Rick and the gang return to Alexandria and find out Negan’s henchmen are looking for Daryl…

When we see a note from Gabriel saying, ‘BOAT’.

When Rick and the gang reach the Boat location and are suddenly surrounded by armed women.

When Rick gave us that little cheeky grin before it cut to black.

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