It’s that time of the year when we begin to look forward to the summer ahead of us; we all know that with summer, comes holidays!

With this in mind, it’s important to know what beauty products to pack when travelling to keep you feeling relaxed and fresh…

Dry Shampoo

When travelling, it’s often your hair that bears the brunt: if you’re on a long journey, you’re going to have no means of keeping your hair clean. Therefore, taking a travel sized Dry Shampoo with you is crucial! A quick spritz will revitalise your hair, ensuring that you feel refreshed whilst adding texture and body. 

Face Mask 

If you begin to feel irritable and lousy when on a long journey, a Face Mask will become your best friend. Face Masks will hydrate, comfort and restore your skin, instantly making you feel better. They will also remove any dirt that’s clogging your pores, resulting in smooth, clean skin. If you have access to water on your journey, opt for a gel or clay mask that you can wash off. Alternatively, opt for a mask that you can peel off and dispose of. 


Lip Balm 

Whether you’re on a plane, a train or in a car – the harsh air conditioning is soon to dry out your skin. The last thing you want when you arrive at your destination is dry and chapped lips, so to prevent this, make sure you always have a lip balm to hand. More often than not, lip balms come in bullet, tube or tub form and are small enough to fit perfectly in your purse – there is no excuse! 


A long journey can often make you feel sluggish and unclean. To prevent this, make sure you have your toothbrush (and a tube of toothpaste) to hand. It may sound like silly advice, but it’s amazing how brushing your teeth can not only make you feel refreshed, but more awake and alert. 


Embarking on a long journey shouldn’t mean that you should deviate from your every day skincare routine. Ensure that you take a cleanser and moisturiser with you, using them as you normally would. Your skin is likely to dry out from your transport’s form of air conditioning when travelling, therefore moisturising your face will ensure that your skin is nourished and hydrated. Your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth, allowing you to feel your best when you arrive at your destination. 

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