Thanks to Kylie Jenner, many of us are aspiring to bigger, fuller lips! Don’t worry, you don’t have to get some crazy procedure or a weird new gadget to achieve it – here are 6 ways to get naturally fuller lips.

Use concealer
Before applying your lipstick, apply a layer of foundation of concealer over your lips to really make the colour pop and create the illusion of bigger, bolder lips!

Overdraw your lip line
Instead of simply outlining your lips before applying lipstick, draw slightly over your natural lip line to achieve a larger looking lips. Fill in with a matching lipstick or just use the liner for your whole pout!

Use Two Shades
Use the darker shade all over your lips/mouth and apply the lighter shade in the centre and blend out. This will give your lips the illusion of being fuller and even them out.

Scrub and remove flakes
Using a toothbrush, gently rub your lips to remove dry skin and encourage circulation making them look plump and also gives them a rosy tint!

Use a shot glass
What? a shot glass? That’s right! Suck a shot glass to your lips (not too hard) and leave until you feel a slight tingling. Remove and the suction will have made your lips full and rosy! You can also buy lip enhancer cups which essentially do the same thing, and are probably wiser…

Use chilli
This one might sting a little, but rubbing a little chilli onto your lips increases circulation making them really pout!