Make Your Own Lip Scrub

There is no sign of spring yet and with cold weather brings sore dry lips. As our lips get chapped they often get covered in a layer of crusty, peeling dead skin that isn’t the most sightly. The high street is full of solutions but as a student we can’t warrant spending money on something that isn’t guaranteed to work. However there is a cheaper option, a D.I.Y lip scrub, which is super easy to make!

All lips are pretty sensitive so it is important not to over load them with harsh products. All the ingredients in this lip scrub are natural and will keep your lips looking luscious and soft throughout the winter months.

You will need…

  • A tablespoon of brown or white sugar (brown sugar is usually denser than white so scrubs a little deeper)
  • A dash of honey (just enough to make the sugar stir together)
  • A teeny tiny drop of vanilla (it makes it smells nice but it isn’t essential)
  • A small container (to put your lip scrub in)


Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with just enough honey to make the product stick together. If you use too much it will be too runny and you will have to start from square one. Add a little bit of vanilla and VOILA! As simple as that you have your lip scrub.

Using your lip scrub

Once a week or twice at the very maximum rub the scrub vigorously onto your lips to loosen the dead skin. Do this for around 30 secs or until you feel that the skin has loosened and then let the product sit for one minute and wipe off with a damp washcloth. After apply a lip balm to put some moisture back into your lips.


If you’d prefer something a little less sticky than honey; olive oil or coconut oil are a great substitute!