Everyone is different when it comes down to their makeup being flawless. Depending on age, skin type, and undertones, each person’s cosmetic needs are different. Age can be very tricky to work with, especially for makeup artists. Mature skin has certain characteristics that need to be taken into consideration when buying makeup.


Do: Choose the right foundation. For mature skin, this goes by colour matching and considering undertones. Choosing a foundation that contains SPF protection are always the way to go- they stop the skin drying out and also have a lighter finish.

Don’t: Try to avoid powder foundations and very think foundations. Powder foundations can dry out the skin. Thick foundations are just a no no, nothing worse than feeling cakey!


Do: Using neutral tones on your eyelids is a must (get into the habit!) – this allows your eye colour and eye shape to truly stand out. Use shadows that brighten your eyes without looking too heavy. And obviously pay attention to your eyelashes and brows as with age, these features tend to thin out and lighten. Use a light pencil brow and a black or brown mascara.

Don’t: Try to avoid eye shadows that have a sparkly finish to them. These can settle so fine on the eyelids which can leave creases. Definitely avoid dark shadows as your look will become very unnatural.


Do: The best bet is to choose a cream blush that blends smoothly. Stick to warm colours that give the skin a natural, warm glow. These sort of blushers don’t tend to dry out the skin.

Don’t: Try your best to avoid bright blushers and shimmery finishes as this will look odd against your natural look. Also, try to avoid contouring…This will make your face appear hollowed, giving the skin a more aged look.