Every decade is famous for it’s fashion favourites, and the 90s is no exception. Whacky hair, punk rock, piercings, high waist jeans, and a whole lot of denim. Just a few of the things that made a return in recent years.

High Wasted Mom Jeans
Monica and Rachel in Friends were always rocking a pair of these. And in the last few years they have made an exceptional comeback and are incredibly popular among young women. We love them!

Popular among punk rockers in the 90s, these stylish choke hold necklaces have made a big come back over the last 2 years and have become one of the most popular accessories to any outfit.

Pins and Patches
Iron-on patches and colourful pins and badges have only recent become popular again in the last year or so. You can expect to seem them all over denim jackets and on the butts of most acid wash jeans.

Big Nerdy Round Glasses
We’re glad these ones came back around. Their funky looking, and oh so vintage. Put a pair of these on and you are automatically transformed into a 90s throwback.

This is perhaps one no one really saw coming. You probably have a baby picture somewhere of you sporting a pair of acid wash dungarees but you didn’t think you’d be sporting a pair of them 20 or so years later…

Doc Martens
Regardless of decade, these boots have always rocked. Skinheads and punk rockers were the popular sort to wear these shoes but since then they have become popular among us all. Everyone has owned a pair of them at some point, right? We’re pretty chuffed that they have made a huge comeback in the last few years.

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Written by Clo Gascoigne
Twitter: @clogascoigne