Different ages, life styles and views change the image of perfection. With every one striving for perfection, does anyone know what it is? Within the English Dictionary perfection is defined as ‘ the quality of something that is as good or suitable as it can possibly be’.

Aiming to be as good as can be, can only be an amazing aim that many can achieve. Yet, how is it measured? The scale of perfection is usually drawn on what others have, not what we have or are ourselves. Comparison of each others flaws, hobbies and general life choices have ultimately created a misconception of what perfect is.

Process of Perfection

Whilst the image of perfection has changed, the process of achieving such a thing must do. Pressure to become what others think is correct is becoming a strain on all areas of life. From bullies to family pressure becoming a ‘perfect’ example to those around you is a constant challenge. And one which isn’t achievable.

Consequently, the image of perfection may not be reachable but bettering yourself is. Small changes will lead to a positive impact. Reading books, being punctual or even allowing more time for deadlines will only make your life easier.

Many people will try to change or define you negatively, you have one of two choices to make.

A, leave the negative behind you and carry on.

B , Use the negatives to spur on growth.

Whatever motivates you to continue to work and develop yourself, work is a complete bonus.

Your image VS. others.

My definition of perfection, will most definitely differ to yours. Perfection seems to be aimed for by many, yet, it is completely unrealistic.

Everyone has struggles and everyone compares themselves to others. An unhealthy combination at the best of times. As a student when deadlines are approaching, while your silently panicking, others will be soaring. Deadlines complete, revision in hand and happily going on their merry way while you’re still reeling from yet another- all night study session. Sometimes it’s just not fare.

(Or maybe you’re stress is cancelling out that that person hasn’t moved from the library in two weeks.)

Perfection really is Imperfection.

If your work is completed to the best of your ability, handed in on time and you’re left somewhat sane, does being a perfect student really matter? No. Continuing to complete your degree, when the walls feel like their coming in displays clear determination that many simply don’t have. And that characteristic is the perfect student. Get up, show up, job done.