In celebration of National Toast Day, we’ve got some cool ways for you to make your breakfast a little more exciting! Getting out of bed in the mornings might be a little easier from now on…


Avocado is the magic ingredients to most meals nowadays, but have you tried it on your toast? Mashing it up into paste makes it a spreadable natural butter which will give you that boost of energy in the mornings? The best thing about it? It goes with everything! Why not stick a poached egg on top? Or a slice of salmon? My mouth is watering just writing about it.



Not the strangest thing to put on toast, in fact, it’s pretty common. But have tried peanut butter on toast with other things? Slices of banana on top of peanut buttered toast is a delicious energy boosting breakfast and doesn’t require any serious effort or cooking. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, then there’s always peanut butter and jam – a classic.



If you’re more of a savory than sweet kind of breakfast person, then why not try Dairylea or Philadelphia cheese on toast? It’s an excellent energy boost with little calories and can be topped with anything from cucumber to leftover cooked chicken… Little effort for a great taste!



Almond butter is a healthy alternative to regular butter with great taste, spread it on your toast and sprinkle with toppings of your choice but we recommend pomegranate seeds or crushed almonds… Or both! A healthy, interesting breakfast with plenty of energy to keep you going through your busy day.