If you’re like most people and work a nine til five job or have lectures and lessons to attend, then coming down with the flu or a common cold can be an inconvenience. Here are ways you can stay your healthiest and avoid illness…

Take Daily Vitamins
You can purchase vitamins in pill form from your local supermarket or pharmacy for a decent price. You can take either multivitamins or just Vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is efficient in supporting the immune system to help it fight off the bad stuff that causes your body to become ill. It’s also great for your skin too! Bonus!

Drink A LOT of Water
Downing 6 pints of beer and 4 J├Ąger Bombs seems easy on a night out, but it seems people struggle with drink the same amount of water… Trying to drink 2 liters of water everyday as it’s essential for your body to be well hydrated in order to function properly. It boosts the immune system which prevents the likelihood of becoming ill.

Wash Hands Regularly
Sounds like something you’d tell a child, but it’s scary how many adults forget to wash their hands! Bacteria thrives on door handles, public hand rials, and anywhere that receives a lot of human contact. Think how many times you touch these during the day and how much bacteria is left all over your hands? Make sure you wash them thoroughly after doing so before touching anywhere on your face.

Watch What You Eat…
Foods rich in Vitamin C are a great way to boost your immune system and general healthy eating will prevent illness; if your body is fit, healthy, and full of goodness, there’s nothing it can’t do!

Avoid the Infected
Treat someone with the flu like a zombie; stay clear of them at all times and don’t engage in any physical contacted with the infected. It only puts you at risk of catching it too!