Its important to fuel your body with the right foods so they can be digested and used for energy before you exercise. Focus on eating a snack around an hour before for a boost or a meal around 2-3 hours before so it has time to digest and provide that extra energy that makes all the difference. Here are some of the best pre-workout snacks!


Bananas: bananas are a source of natural sugars and are quickly digested making them one of the most convenient pre-workout snacks. They will boost your blood sugar levels giving you the perfect boost!


Greek Yogurt & Dried Fruit: Dried fruit is high in sugar however as a pre-workout snack this combination is useful as a quick source of simple sugar.


85% Dark Chocolate: the little sugar there is in high percentage dark chocolate will provide a quick boost. A square or two should do the trick.


Oats: a bowl of oats will require a little longer to digest but will provide a slow-release of energy. Best consumed 1-2 hours before.


Wholemeal Bread: another snack that will need 1-2 hours to digest but will provide that sustained energy for your workout. Add some reduced sugar jam or peanut butter to a slice.


Coffee: If you’re really short for time and don’t fancy eating anything, you can alternatively grab a quick coffee. The caffeine will act to raise alertness,  reduce mental fatigue and sharpen focus.