Even in the middle of intense passion, it’s not uncommon for a woman’s brain to occasionally wander… Although many of us don’t like to admit it. How many of these are you or your girlfriend guilty of, do you think?

What should I cook for tea tonight… Quite fancy pizza.” – It’s not that we’re bored, it’s just that we’re usually always hungry too. And good food after sex is probably the best thing about the whole act. We love you, but we love food more.

Ooooh my phone vibrated I wonder who that could be…” – One I think most of us might be guilty of. It might be wise to switch your phone off or keep it out of sight whilst doing the dirty deed.

Oh my God I just remembered I have so much to do! I don’t have time for this, please hurry up.”  –  Queue a mid intercourse panic when you remember you still have a million things that need doing and you decide, regardless of the quality, the sex has to stop immediately.

He obviously learnt that in porn – what a tacky move.” – That’s right, women will often be judging your every move. We love to experiment but stereotypical porn maneuvers and actions are only making us cringe.

How are they already asleep – Oh wait, he finished and I didn’t” – Are men blessed or cursed to be able to finish so much faster than women? Either way, it’s unfair.

“Cam we hurry things up? I need sleep.” – If its initiated late at night, its usually by him and while you’re almost unconscious with sleep – did you even consent to this?

“I really like your face” – Sometimes women aren’t interested in whats going on physically, but simply enjoy watching you enjoy yourself. How selfless of us!