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Nearly everyone that goes on a holiday in this country or abroad takes a few pictures and videos whilst they’re away. This is easy today, whip your phone out of your pocket and off you go. This doesn’t cause any disruption to what you’re doing at that time as it only takes a matter of seconds.

I wish I could say this is the same story for me. Whenever I go away to a place I haven’t been before I always have it in my head that I need to make a full-on production. A couple of simple jerky 10 second long videos will not do.

But how does this effect my holiday, surely I should be living in the moment? Yes and no. I came across around 200/300 photos and videos my dad had taken in 1999/2000 of our family. This made me realise how important it not only is to live in the moment but to capture it also. This is why over the past 7 years I’ve taken photos and videos of nearly everything. However up until about a year ago, I never really had any kind of production value in mind.

On a couple of my abroad trips last year I found carrying my DSLR camera around wasn’t too much of an issue. However last week I was in Slovenia on a skiing trip and I decided I would lug all my camera gear around in my rucksack whilst skiing. The bag was indeed heavy but had all the essentials I needed to get some great shots and that I did. At times it was a bit of a pain filming on the fly with no real plan and also having to stop fairly frequently to get a shot or set some gear up. Whilst a lot of people wouldn’t put up with the hassle, in my eyes the end result was really worth it.

If you’re serious about photography or videography I would highly recommend taking a bit of time whilst away to get some great shots.

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