A new product has been created to tackle the stress and boredom levels that men across the country face when shopping with their other halves.

Gone are the days of achy feet and raised tensions when nodding that the dress looks ok for the eighth time, thanks to the “boyfriend seat”.

The revolutionary concept created by UK furniture retailer, The Furniture Market comes complete with a mobile phone charging dock as standard.

Interested buyers can also upgrade to a premium package, which comes set with a built-in vibrating massage facility, and Wi-Fi router to encourage maximum relaxation.

The portable device, which was created with the intention of reducing retail-induced domestic arguments and to help reduce the pain levels of a Saturday shopping trip with the wife or girlfriend, is priced at £250 as standard, and can be shipped worldwide.

Not only does the innovation give boyfriends and husbands the opportunity to take a seat in between the hustle and bustle of retail therapy, but it’s also a comfortable alternative to standing awkwardly outside changing rooms leaning awkwardly against clothes racks.

With the option to include a Wi-Fi hot spot router, the previously bored shopper will now be able to scroll through social media, stream the latest Game of Thrones episode and even watch the football – all while still supporting their partner’s retail therapy.

Such support has until now been a breeding ground for arguments. A quick glance around any shopping centre on a weekend will undoubtedly reveal couples warring among the coat hangers. Those tensions will be a thing of the past now, however, thanks to the Shopping Sanctuary Seat’s unique built-in massage feature.

With three settings, shoppers will be able to tailor their vibrations from the minimum NO PURCHASE YET setting up to THIRD FITTING ROOM and finally the LOST ALL HOPE level for those in serious need of a massage.

But the features don’t stop there, a built-in charger and phone holder takes away any worries over battery life when you head into that seventh hour of shopping.

Measuring a mere 82cm in height and 46cm wide when set up, the compact solution is easily transported and interested buyers of the product can be reassured that whenever a shopping trip is on the cards, comfort will never be compromised thanks to the padded back and seat.

Interested buyers of the product can be reassured that whenever a shopping trip is on the cards, comfort will never be compromised thanks to the cushioned canvas material that was used during manufacture.

The Furniture Market will not be responsible for any arguments that are caused by a partner’s refusal to help carry shopping bags.

Robert Walters, Head of E-Commerce at The Furniture Market, said “We wanted to create a product that would create a solution to all the things that we hate the most about joint shopping trips.

“No Saturday afternoon shopping trip is ever easy with a partner. From the tone of your voice used when complimenting your partner on the tenth clothing item they’ve tried on, to the arguments about going back and forth to the same shop; we spotted a gap in the market for a stress-relieving product.

“Built-in massage capabilities mean that those seven hours of navigating every department store are made that bit easier and not forgetting the Wi-Fi capabilities and phone chargers that mean you’re never too far away from the group WhatsApp chat

“The product is the first of its kind on the market and we’re excited to see how much interest we get from the seat.”

The Shopping Sanctuary stool is available for purchase today and can be bought online from The Furniture Market website here.


  • Portable high-tech seat created to entertain bored boyfriends when shopping with partners
  • Seat comes with built-in power-source, Wi-Fi router, massage capabilities and an iPhone charging dock