Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Here’s some last minute gift ideas for you:


A day for couples to shower each other with love and gifts! But who says it can only be for couples? Love is something we all share with friends and family, so here are five ideas for gifts you can get your loved one, no matter who it is, make Valentine’s Day, ‘Pal’entines day!

An Experience

Whether they love getting pampered, eating chocolate or painting; find an activity that you can both enjoy together! Book a spa day, go wine-tasting and chocolate making, or just simply take them to their favourite restaurant! Doing something you know they like will be appreciated forever!


A Photo Collage

So many sites now have thousands of customisable gifts that you can just put just almost about anything on! Whether it is a canvas, a mug, or even a pillow for those nights you are missing them or far from home, create the perfect memories collage and you won’t ever be that far away.


Baked Goods

Nothing is more special than when someone puts their time and effort into making something from scratch, so if you know their favourite dessert recipe or just want to give them a selection of tasty treats, grab your apron and your whisk and get baking!


All Their Favourite Things

It’s pretty easy now to find places that sell affordable gift baskets or boxes, and what is better than a selection of all the things you love? Fill it with cosy socks, their favourite biscuits, that movie they love and something that reminds them of you. Pop a big fat bow on it and voila!


A Gag Gift

Are your friends sad they don’t have a partner this valentine’s day? Show them they don’t need one! They’ve got you! Organise a funny candle-lit dinner party with your favourite fast food, a furry companion plush that brings out their inner cat-lady, or treat them to that t-shirt that says ‘Fries Before Guys!’