Thankfully, I have never experienced such thing, but some poor souls out there have had the terrible misfortune of witnessing their parents going at it. Here are a few examples of those poor souls’ who have caught their parents doing it…

1.) When I was six, I played hide-and-seek with my cousins on vacation and hid in the closet. About 10 minutes into the game, I heard my mom and stepdad come in the room and they started going at it. I was too embarrassed to come out, so I sat there and listened to every gruesome noise. And 10 years later, I found a DVD of my mom going down on my stepdad. It was so awful.

2.) When I was a little kid, I heard moaning from my parents’ room one night, and I assumed my mum was hurt. I listened outside their door until the moaning stopped and eventually walked in to save my mom. It looked like my dad was hurting her, so I jumped on my dad’s back and I screamed. We haven’t talked about it since.

3.) “One night I woke up really late to loud music coming from the basement. When I went to go ask my parents to turn the music down, I walked into a horrible, scarring sight. Not only were my parents having sex, but they were also having a threesome…”

4.) “I go to university a couple of hours away from home, so one day I decided to surprise my parents. I heard really weird sounds coming from my backyard, so I walked around the side of the house. I caught my parents having sex on the trampoline. The pain was too much. My parents still wonder why I don’t jump on the trampoline anymore.”

5.) “I was playing on the Playstation in my parents’ bedroom with my sister. My mum was getting ready to go out, and then she walked out of her bedroom. I figured she was probably going into the living room to watch TV. I decided to take a break from the game and get something from my own room. I opened my door and saw my parents having sex on my bed. I ran back into my mom and dad’s bedroom with tears streaming down my face.

6.) “I caught my parents doing it when I was very young. Unable to comprehend it, I thought they were just wrestling naked. I wanted to join in on the fun because I loved watching wrestling, so I ripped off my clothes and asked to play… They said no, of course.”

7.) “I was sixteen. I had been out getting drunk with a few friends, and when we came home for food we could hear my mum through the front door. But to get to my room we had to pass the kitchen, it’s an open kitchen, and there was my mother, getting it on the kitchen counter. She just shouted “Move along! Move along!” to us and we ran into my room and freaked out.”