So you’ve reach the ripe old age of twenty and suddenly you’re being bombarded with questions. What are you doing with your life? Do you have a career? Are you sure he’s right for you? Haven’t you grown out of that yet? And to be honest, it’s quite intimidating. A few generations back and people in the twenties were getting married to their only ever boyfriend and having children, with women staying at home doing the cooking and men out working but not anymore. We live in a completely different world where we decide everything for ourselves and its great, but can be difficult. Here’s how to survive your first few years of adulthood.



Travelling is one of the greatest experiences in life. I would advise anyone and everyone to do it. The world is an incredibly beautiful place. You will meet fascinating people and learn about the way other people life. It will open your mind that’s for sure and its addictive! Once you’ve gone once you’ll want to travel the world. If you aren’t in a situation to travel for a long time, then why not take short trips away to different places. Or take the plunge and work abroad. Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are very popular for young people wanting to travel and work. It’s certainly high up on my list of places to go.



Nothing gets me more motivated than having some goals to reach. Having something to aim for gives you something to be exited about and to look forward to, something to work towards or a treat at the end of hard work. If you want to travel for a long time then get your head down and earn those pennies. If you want to focus more on a career, then make sure you’re putting yourself in all the right places. Networking, which I personally hate and am useless at, is however genuinely one of the best ways of getting your foot in the door and meeting like-minded people.



You’re never too old to get your shit together. If you’re thinking about a job that requires a degree of if you’re just generally interested or passionate about a topic, then study it! Go to uni or enrol on an online or college course. I can hands down say university was one of the best experiences of my life and when I went, I didn’t particularly even want to go but now I am so glad that I did. You’ll meet new people from all walks of life, learn great things and set yourself up for all sorts of experiences.



Twenties are prime partying age! Even if you’ve been on it since 16 or if your family thinks you should be settling down and cracking on with life, you shouldn’t. Party all over the world. Stay safe obviously, but festivals and parties abroad are something else. It’s not just a few drinks and some thudding basslines, it’s a cultural experience.

Also be who you want to be, not who society says you should be. If you want piercings and tattoos, have them. If you want coloured hair or dreadlocks, have them. Don’t let people dull your shine.



Bad experiences, relationships, break-ups and bad people can bring you down. And sometimes it takes a while to recover and move on and be your normal self again. But don’t let this hold you back for too long. Good things are on the horizon. Keep yourself busy and once you’re moving on and getting on with your life you’ll feel loads better and be you once again!



Unfortunately, we live in a world where there’s a lot of jealous and self-centred people out there who don’t like to see others doing well or better than them. Remove them from your life. You don’t need that negativity anywhere near you. It’s okay to cut toxic people off, don’t feel bad if they are damaging you then they don’t deserve to be a part of your life. I find my head is a lot clearer and I fell a lot less anxious knowing I am surrounded by lovely people.

If you’re going for your dream career or you want to travel the world, don’t stop yourself because of other people, you will regret it. When you’re in a relationship of course it’s more difficult but then if they expect you to put your life on hold for them then do they really care about you. Convince them to do it with you, or to support your actions then you’ll soon know if they respect you or not.



Cannot express this one enough! I spend far too much time worrying about work or other people’s opinions, constantly asking questions like ‘Am I working hard enough? Is there something wrong with me? Do they like me? Do I look okay? Your twenties are stressful, but also the best years of your life they say so don’t waste time worrying too much.

Word hard. Travel Far. Make Friends. Meet People and Be Happy.