There are very few industries as exciting as the music industry and beginning a career here can be challenging. It’s hard work and more so now, than ever before, but providing you have the enthusiasm to learn and adapt in an industry which is constantly changing, then opportunities will arise. Niall Green, CEO of Second Screen – a cutting-edge app developer for the creative industries, including music – offers his expert advice for those wishing to start a career within music.


  1. Be specific

Identify the skills you have and analyse how they could be applied to a job in the music business. The earlier you recognise what role would be most suited for yourself, then the more time you have in building your portfolio and experience to eventually land the job of your dreams. Be versatile in your approach. You don’t have to to be a musician to lead a professional career within music – you could look at the areas of production, design, technology, management and much more.


  1. Undertake an internship

Securing an internship is a great way to learn the industry and most importantly, for you to discover how passionate you are about the role. There are various internship programmes available, so ensure you are researching relevant companies to find out what’s available. It’s also a fantastic way to demonstrate how hard working you are to a prospective employer and potentially could lead to a permanent role – if not, then as a minimum you would want to achieve a glowing reference.


  1. Network

This industry is renowned for networking. Ensure you are meeting new people and asking questions – you can never know too many people. It’s often a new friendship which can lead to a new opportunity. Make sure you’re attending all the right events and make an effort to network – following brands, magazines and influencers on social media is a great way to find this information.


  1. Keep updated with new industry trends

The nature of the music business means it’s always evolving. Keep updated with the latest industry news and trends by subscribing to music trade newsletters, check their websites and follow these titles on social media. The more you know about the industry, the more knowledge you will have and can impress a potential employer with your expertise.

  1. Look at the wider creative industries

Do not limit yourself to just a handful of certain roles. Look at the wider picture as the music industry is also closely associated to other sectors such as film, TV, publishing, sport and other creative sectors. Having an open mind about where to start a career will offer more opportunities and ultimately, will help shape experience. Once you’re on the ladder, you will be able to transfer your new skills to new roles as you progress.


  1. Work hard

Lastly, it goes without saying but work hard. Once you have opened a door within the industry, do not become complacent and ensure you go that extra mile to prove yourself. If you become indispensable and a valued member of the team, then there will be more of a chance to be hired.

There is no magic formula for landing that dream job, but you can help yourself along the way. Having a positive attitude and the willingness to learn will prove invaluable in your professional career.


Second Screen, the brainchild of Niall Green, is a creative concept to bridge the gap between fans, artists and events – via apps. Second Screen has created numerous apps for the likes of pop sensation, Anastacia; as well as several prominent UK festivals, including The Isle of Wight Festival, East London Fringe Festival, Liverpool Sound City and Fusion Festival.


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